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Thank you for your advice. This gives me a couple of options. I am in a very rural area of Missouri. The roasted beets and pears would just freak out 95% of that party. I had to explain what a bread bowl is. Limited on what I can serve. Thanks again.
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From your other post, 2 hours you will end up with some form of undercooked green soup IMHO.

Where about in Missouri?

Have you considered a slaw salad?
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Snapdragon, welcome to Cheftalk.

I have no advice to offer re: the salad dressing, as I agree with Pete. Predressing just doesn't work well. But I do have a request.

This is the third thread you've started on this same topic, all of which have your screen name as the subject. Kind of confusing.

So, a couple of things to consider in future.

First, please come up with a subject title that readers can relate to. In this case, something like "Predressing Salad" or some such would better serve to identify the discussion. Second, you may not be aware of it, but you can add to your own threads. That is, after Pete responded to your first post, instead of starting a new thread, merely go to the reply box under his post, and say what you need to say. Far as the program is concerned, that's no different that if you were another person responding. The net result: All of a particular discussion in one place.

I suspect that had you done this your response level would have been higher, and, perhaps, a solution to your problem found.
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