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I have a cater for 250 coming up and I need a light dressing that I can predress the salad. I will be serving beef, and the salad will be a mix of green leaf and sweet spring mix and I was thinking of using some dried cranberries and sugared pecans. Any help on the dressing would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Is there ANY way to avoid the pre-dressing?

How about dressing "on the table"?

IME, dressed green salads have a half-life of something on the order of 5 minutes!

If you HAVE to pre-dress, probably the simplest vinaigrette makes the most sense, flavored to go with your cranberries and pecans, though, personally, I have a real problem sweetened anything on a salad, natural sweet things like orange sections don't bother me but dried cranberries and sugared pecans are not my favorite by a long shot.

How about roasted beets and roasted pears on your greens with a citrus-hazelnut vinaigrette drizzled on as they go out for service?

Or, for that matter, Mandarin orange segments with crumbled Gorgonzola and the same vinaigrette.

Or diced cucumber, diced tomato, and Feta on your greens with a dill-parsley vinaigrette?

The key? Drizzle the vinaigrette as they go out the door for service! Put the vinaigrette in squeeze bottles with a fine tip, only about 1-2 teaspoons per salad.
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