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My chef is adding snails to our menu this summer. He knows how he would like to prepare them, just not sure how to prepare for the mise en place.




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Fresh or canned? Keep the canned ones in wine and use within 2 days.

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Kuan, where does one buy fresh these days?

I remember once having them in a kitchen, but they all shriveled up and died pretty quick:cry: I never did like the canned ones.

I just had some snails at Blue Ribbon in Brooklyn the other day and they were pretty fantastic. If they were canned, you sure wouldn't know it.
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We had to taste test a few different canned brands first. I can't remember the names of the ones we didnt like or most importantly the brand of the one the one we did like. So I guess I am not of much help, but I would try a few different ones. Kaun doesn't holind them in wine make them tougher? I would rinse them really well in wine, and maybe soak them for a few hours, but not hold them for two days in wine.
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It was Roland that we got bad comments on. It finally came to me. Maybe the one we liked will come to me soon?? The Roland were tougher. I used them up for an app special, by cutting them into a few pieces, and stuffing them into #2 button mushrooms. topped with a almond, thyme, garlic, parsley, and shallot butter- bread crumb mixture and baking them. I garnished it with a bit of tarragon carrot puree in the center of the plate and that was the end of the Roland Escargots.

I almost wanna say we ended up using Sysco snails.


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Usually snails canned in France are better than the snails from Asia.
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If purchasing canned snails, be sure to get the escargots de Bourgonde or the achatine varieties. These are processed, cooked in a court boullion, before canning. Some will need to be rinse a couple of times to remove any taste of the can. The size you purchase should be a function of how you plan to prepare them. Cans of about 6 dozen go for $8 to $14 at my local supplier, Made in France in San Francisco.
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The bistro I cater out of makes a fennel, garlic butter and keeps um in the individual serving dishes covered in fat for days....Make sure to poke um as they've been known to explode into unwitting customers eyes.

I was at the Asian market today and saw periwinkles....tiny little live would you clean them....came home with mussels, live blue crabs and head on large cooking the mussels in an onion, garlic, parsley lemon brew then making a mustard sauce for them...not eating them tonight....then doing a Zatarans boil for the crabs and house is gonna stink!!!
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dear shroomgirl,
hy husband's italian family just boils the periwinkles and then picks them out of the shell with a pin or needle - sounds disgusting to me, i won't even look at the things! they seem to think that it's a big treat! we actually go pick them off the rocks at the shore in connecticut, so the price is right.
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call me crazy,,, and feel free to do so,, but if you have pamper something so much to hide the flavor , you might as well not buy it. i have had snails every way,, and could never stomach them . i will try anything three times and after that it is useless to me if i don't find it somewhat enticing. i always found snails to be way to earthy for my taste. if anyone can change my mind please provide said recipie. thanks


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Me too Shroom, until I tasted snails in a walnut cream sauce....:lips:
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I have made snails that turned out quite nice. I sauteed them in a little little bit of butter and garlic, and added about a tablespoon of Creme Friache. Have to be careful when adding the Creme Friache because it will break easily in a pan that's too hot. Served it in a phyllo cup. Very good.
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