S'mores Bars

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This isn't really a "chef" sort of question, but I hope you can help us with this trivial issue.

We're fooling around with a recipe for S'mores bars that calls for layering a graham cracker and a scoop of choc chip/mini marshmallow cookie dough then baking it for a few minutes before topping with a square of hershey's chocolate bar.  It is then cooked a few minutes longer until the choc has melted.

It's very good, but a little thin.  Here's what I'm thinking;  I want to change the graham cracker to a graham cracker crust with butter and sugar, then some sort of marshmallow layer before it's topped with a choc chip cookie dough and a square of chocolate.

Here's my question-  the original recipe calls for marshmallows.  Is there any way we could spread fluffl between the crust and cookie layers?  Plain fluff or fluff mixed with something for stability?  I thought of spreading it on the top, but I don't think we could bake it that way.  Maybe spread it on after the cookie?  Wouldn't that be too gooey to eat?

The original recipe is so good we ate them for lunch. (I'm feeling a little sugar-sick, but it was worth it!)

Any thoughts?

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I'd put the marshmallow component on top so I could brown it. But that's just me.

Maybe something like:

Maybe fill a graham cracker crust with choco chip cookie dough and the chunks of choco bar, bake it. Then top with marshmallow.
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Thanks so much, both of you!  I like the idea of browing the marshmallow, but think we can do it by dropping the cookiie dough on top and letting it peek through.  Looking forward to trying these tomorrow!


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I would recommend baking then putting the Fluff on top and torching it using a hand held propane torch or the broiler.  This is just an idea so I would test it out before doing it to all of them. 
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We made the bar with chocolate graham cracker bottom, a layer of fluff topped with toasted coconut, then a cinnamon tollhouse cookie dough with white chocolate chips instead of dark dropped on top.  It is really good!  The fluff and coconut peeks out around the cookie and gets a little browned.  I'd like to try it with fluff on top then torching it, but for our cafe, I think it works best if it's not quite so messy- we'll see.  We sold a lot of them the first day they were out. 

Thanks again.

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