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I am planning to introduce smoothies to my restaurant and looking for a blender. I have come across Vitamix and waring Brands. Does any one using them and I would like to hear form them. Blending soup is different as I need to crush lots of ice for smoothies.I am hoping to use Jet brand smoothie mixes. Would like some feed back on that too.
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Can't go wrong with the vitamix. Large cup and lots of power. I used to use one for smoothies when I did breakfast catering. Burned up a lot of blenders befor that.
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We debated between Vita Mix and Blendtec when opening our shop and decided on the Blendtec. We've been running them for a year pretty constantly (although during the winter they didn't get such heavy use) and they've worked out just fine. I can't think if anything at all to complain about.

I used Vita Mixes long ago in a juice bar I ran way back when. They pulled A LOT of electricity! The lights dimmed for a square block around us every time I made a smoothie ;)-just joking. The thing was also VERY LOUD! Deafening, actually. 

Noise is still the problem with these super blenders and although the enclosures help, they don't eliminate the problem altogether. Again, side by side, the Blendtec is less noisy than the VitaMix.

BTW, I don't really understand why you would use that mix stuff. It's full of sugar, artificial flavors etc, etc. Most people who order smoothies want the real thing, not something pre-made from a box and blended with ice. 
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I have narrowed down my options to Vitamix  VM 0100 to Waring 1100xtx . Waring one is about $ 45 cheaper, but I am not concern about it.My local electric repair shop owner says he is getting lots of Vitamix for repairs and he says Waring one is much better choice...can any Waring user can comment on this please

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