smoking a ham

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Do you want it cured like ham or just smoked like a pork shoulder? I used to just smoke raw hams(uncured) then thin slice for sandwiches.
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I'm trying to find out how long to smoke a fresh bone in ham that's 20 lbs
If it's whole and the bone in, you're going to have to brine it for a while and inject some of that brine into the interior of the meat.

After that you'll be hanging it in the smoker for as long as it takes to get the smoke flavor to the inside.

This is not something that comes with a finite answer.

This is something that only you can work out with your equipment.
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If you want to approach "Country Ham" you will need to completely bury your whole, fresh hog leg (no foot) in coarse salt for ten days, then rinse and then hickory smoke for about four days, and you'll be well on your way.

All that's left is to hang it to dry out in a cool place - not refrigerated.

For about a year.

This is God's gift to your taste buds.  It's like Prosciutto, but a little different process and taste.

If you don't want to wait that long, you can buy one prepared this way-  get in touch with Colonel Newsome:               paste into your browser

Yes, a Kentucky Colonel!

We have a 15- pound leg on order for Christmas. Cooked and delivered it will come to just about $150. This comes to about $10/lb for the whole leg. Be sure to pay for cooking unless you have a pot big enough to submerge the ENTIRE  leg.  That's absolutely required to cook it properly.  I've been doing this annually for over 40 years.

Hey- a Jamon Serrano that size will run you around  $1,200.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif  

If that doesn't faze you, order a creme de la ham creme: Jamon Serrano de Bellota- north of 2 grand.  But you do get a pretty stand to hold it while you carve the paper-thin slices.

If you're thinking of going this way, PM me with questions you might have. (Can't give you other source suggestions, though.)

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