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The Cameron smoker is less but a rather different technique. Worth looking into for adding a light smoke to some foods.

Takes some practice to get the smoke you want with the right doneness.

I like mine.
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The Smoking Gun by polyscience is pretty much exactly what you are looking for.  Its a battery powered smoker that burns sawdust and blows smoke into any container you like.  Then you simply seal it.
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Ah the Smokig Gun is pretty slick.  The one thing that I did like about the other one is that it has the Dome with a plug that you put the smoke hose into.  I like that so help control filling your house with smoke.  And also it really seems to keep the smoke in place and on the food.  I am sure that it wouldn't be hard to figure out a system to use this one effectively though.  Going to have to look into it.  Thanks for the tip.

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