Smoker Recommendations?

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Searching for the safest or
most recommended unit for smokers.
It's quality stuff
for a Cookshack machine.
A second
the opinion is needed.!!
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With that unit I make my own bacon and THE BEST jerkey in the deep south.

How do you make jerky in the WSM? I have only done traditional smoking, I wanted to do some old smoking but couldn't get the temp low enough and didn't want to mess around with a bunch of add ons.
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@Seoul Food : have you looked at the proQ smoke generator? I know it's an extra piece of equipment, but it isn't expensive (I use it mainly for for cold smoked bacon).
Not sure if it is available world wide.
I have heard good tjings about the amaze-N (not sure of spelling) smoke generator as well, but got no experience with it
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I've still got my off-set smoker but haven't had it fired in close to two years. One reason being I haven't had a large gathering with covid but the second being that I purchased a pellet smoker that handles my cooks for small groups of friends and family just fine. Mines a camp chef. There is something to be said for having a "set-it and forget it" smoker. While in some circles people sneer about pellet smokers, if they are good enough for competition BBQ teams, they are good enough for backyard warriors. My results are as good on it as what I produced using lump coal and hardwood chunks on my offset smoker. Maybe better on average since it is so consistent.

Finally another nice feature of my Camp Chef is the ability to slide the steel diffuser plate out and crank it up to grill direct over hardwood fire at 500F+ .. it is also able to cold smoke at very low temps. Just a pleasure to have really.
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