Smoked veal jus

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I read Mrs. Cape's report on their Boston trip a while back and was intrigued by Cape's entree (roasted veal loin with smoked veal jus and spätzle-yum!). My question is, aside from using the dreaded liquid smoke, what are some different ways to prepare a smoked jus for an item that has not been smoked? I'm assuming that the veal itself wasn't smoked, as that would kill it's delicate flavor. Personally, I would smoke some mirepoix, then simmer it in veal jus to achieve this; any other ideas?
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Hi Greg,

Actually the veal breast and shank are lightly smoked. Not the mirepoix. Then the stock is made. The shank and breast make a wonderfully gelatinus stock in which the chef prepared his sauce...It was a light , delicate smoke. The veal butt tender that was plated was not smoked. also with the dish was a crispy sweetbread served over wild shrooms. It was a veal lovers nirvana


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You can always smoke the bones after cleaning and portioning your meat. Also smoking your mirepoix works well. Believe it or not you can also smoke the tomato paste that goes into making your veal stock. Spread it thinly in a hotel pan and smoke it. It will absorb quiet a bit of smoke.
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Add onions brulle for quick "kinda'" smoky flavor. Wrap whole onions in aluminiom foil and place on the griil. Turn around every five minutes or so.
Also you can try grill top smoking for the bones in a lack of a smoker. Put one otel pan with holes over the grill put water soaked rosemery/thyme/sage(!!!)/wild fennel flowers dried etc. cover with another holed hotel pan. fill the top one with the bones and cover.
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