Smoked Tomato Consomme

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My husband and I are just home from a wonderful Alaskan vacation. On the way back we spent some time in Vancouver...where I enjoyed a wonderful smoked tomato and lemongrass consomme.

i'd love to try and attempt this at home but am sort of at a loss as to how to approach. It definitely was a clear consomme type soup and not at all a thicker, heavier tomato soup. The smoked flavor was quite robust...

Any ideas on what the technique might be? Smoke the tomatoes, cook down in some water and strain? Or?????
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Hi Ziggy,
this sounds like and intersting combination of flavors,there really a number of ways to make a vegetable consamme,but I think this may be the easiest approach to try.

Take 6 very ripe beefsteak tomatoes and puree in a robot coupe,put in in a fine chinios lined with cheese cloth and let it drain over night in the fridge occasinally forcing (gently) the pulp.

Take this tomato water and peel and slice 2 stalks of lemon grass and put in the tomato water.

Bring to a rapid boil for 1 minutes remove from the heat and cover with saran and let steep for at least 4 hours at room temp.
If you have a smoker,then smoke another 6 tomatoes (or do it on your grill with indirect heat) I love grape vine smoke for subtle flavors.
Then, proceed like you did with the other tomatoes,only add a touch of fresh ginger root to your puree as well as flue de sel and pink peppercorns and proccess,again let drain over night in cheesecloth,be sure to fridge the unsmoked tomatoes as well at this point.

The next day,strain the tomato-lemon grass broth and mix with the smoked tomato water,take a little of the puree and blend in an lightly whipped egg white,bring the broths to a gentle simmer and add your "raft"skim often and adjust your seasoning,simmer only around 45 minutes,remove the raft with the veggie skum and if you have a turkey baster submerge it into the broth and remove the clear liguid from the bottom up leaving any sediment behind.
Serve your wonderful connsomme with gingered prawns
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Sounds like the ticket, except I'd do the smoked tomato first then add the non-smoked ones at the end to taste. Because you can use left over tomato water for many things but smoked tomato water is kind of limited.

smoke em if ya got em!


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CC, that sounds like a great recipe!!!! I think I am going to have to try it myself. I have done a "clear gazpacho" like this many times, but the idea of smoking the tomatoes and using asian spices sounds absolutely wonderful. I have found though, that if you allow the tomato water to drip through a double layer of cheesecloth, and do not press it through, that it comes out very clear, after settling, and I usually do not make a raft.
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Thanks cape chef! Can't wait to try this....I can still taste the consomme I had on Saturday. It was so good we were tempted to extend our stay just so we could have it a few more times! :lol:
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