Smoked Shoulder

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You may bake a smoked shoulder.  You do not have to remove the skin first.

How long you have to bake it, depends on how well-cooked it was before.  Whether or not you want to "rub" the shoulder also depends on how it was handled by the smoker. 

The more details you give, the more we can help.

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It is a fresh smoked shoulder from the pigs we raised.  Im new at this so all I know is that it was smoked.  cooked? I dont think so.  It has a very thick skin on it!  I know that I can boil it but i wanted to bake it instead.  its about 8 pounds...Thanks for your help! 
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ummm, gonna ask how long it was smoked and say  needs to be slow baked (fat side up) at 250 (american) for 15-30minutes a pound minimum check the temp (shooting for at least 145 (if your brave)-160 for safety on an unsure cured reheat) and maybe as much as an hour more. when it comes to info more is always better, it's not taxes.
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When I'm cooking my bone-in Boston Butts, it's usually about 13-15 hours at 220, moist heat,with the full fat cap left on. That's from raw, removed from fridge and left at room temp for one hour before cooking.
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