Slowly the bread rises :)

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    Well M, I have overcome my fear of bread via Beth Henspergers book Basic Bread and I find that it is actually very relaxing and theraputic. Reminds me a lot of when I had a Bonzai garden and how relaxing it was taking care of the baby trees. It is a great way to get away from all of the insanity. The taste of the fresh bread is excellent, and something I wish I had time for every day. Of course we know that although that is a nice thought it is impossible. So I am left with the thought they I may have to go the bread machine route.


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    Bread machines are not the downfall of society i once thought they were. it is lovely to balance out a wonderful formula for bread and let the machine do the work. if you want to be hands-on, use the machine to mix and you can knead and proof.
    we always have fresh bread in the house now, rye, multi-grain, white and wheat. great for french toast to pastrami sandwiches!
    I have a used Welbuilt but they now have machines that bake a normal loaf shape.
    I have the luxury of going to work and baking brioche and mixing pizza doughs several times a week so i don't require the therapy of kneading at home.