slow roasting a steak in the oven?

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Hi. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried cooking a steak (let's say, an inch thick rib eye) at around 200 F. Had many memorable meals with rib roasts cooked the same way, but I'm not sure if it will work just as well for a much thinner cut. Would also appreciate if anyone has a rough idea as to how long it takes (per lb or oz) in case a digital thermo is not an option. Thanks.
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200f or 93c is well done and a waste of good rib eye. BBQ or pan-fry the steak, I can't see any benefit of long cooking unless done sous vide at a much lower temp.
(the picture below is a fillet steak cooked sous vide at 57c for 90 minutes)
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Agreed. What works well with large slabs of meat (prime rib) is simply a waste of time for individual cuts of meat. Just finish it at around 400 until your desired doneness.
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