Slow Roast Brisket

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Hi Chefs, I just processed two black angus cows, I have  600lbs of ground beef for my cafe and other cuts to roast off for various menu items, I used the chuck for 3-1 patties. I have one of the briskets that I want to get more of a roasted taste than a smoke flavor in the meat. I know I still have to slow roast and baste at a low temp. My question to all of you is, what would be a good idea to use, for a rub and basting liquid trying to stay away from the traditional BBQ Brisket with smoke ring and so on. I would like to serve the Brisket with a Mustard sauce, Horseradish sauce with rolls..................Thanks for the help.................ChefBillyB


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A "traditional" way is lipton onion soup mix, wrap in foil, then slow roast.
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Braised peice of bottom rounds or briskets are used . Both cuts are good . Serve with a Sauce Jardinierre  Au Natural. After cookling let sit overnight in ame juices you cooked them in . It's even better. Celery, onins, carrots, herbs, garlic S & P . Serve with potato pancakes, smashed, or roasted then cooked in same pan as meat. Finish in covered pan in oven  YUM YUM

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