slow cooking pork back ribs

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Hey all.

I love ribs but I've never made them myself, so I got a small one (about 350 grams) to try out.

I'd like to cook it slow to make it nice and tender, I'm talking super slow here like 8 hours or something I'm just wondering how to pick the right temperature to do it.

If this is a dumb idea please let me know, like I said never cooked ribs before.
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Ribs should be done in the 225-250F range.

Are you cooking on a grill? In the oven? How? This can effect how you treat them.

I don't think I've ever seen ribs weighing that little. But I'd say 8 hours is way too long. When using my smoker, at about 250F, full racks only take about 3 hours to reach the "fall off the bone" stage.
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