slow cooker vs Dutch oven settings

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I'm making a slow cooker recipe in my Dutch oven, and all the advice I've found says that regular oven should be hotter and less time than slow cooker. (In this case, about 3/4 hr. at 325F, vs 4 hr. on low (under 200F)

I don't understand the principle. Why shouldn't the time/temp be as similar as possible?
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That doesn't really make sense. First of all, I wouldn't cook anything at a temperature under 200 degrees unless it was sous vide. I would compromise and try 250-275 in the oven and check it after 3 hours.
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Many online references to slow cooker temps, including the company that makes Crock Pot. Low = 209F, according to them.
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You're comparing apples and oranges. The slow cooker is designed for cooking as a close contact heat source. An oven is an open box. So the slow cooker recipe is meant for the more economical, long slow cooking of a slow cooker. The oven should be calibrated first to make sure you can keep the temp at the same temp as the slow cooker but you'd still have all that air movement in an oven. So yes, the temp/ time should be similar but ovens aren't designed with the same slow cooking in mind.


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Air is a poor conductor of heat. Slow cooker gets direct contact conduction, more efficient heat transfer. A regular oven at 350 will simmer a braising dish, which a slow cooker achieves at about half the temp.
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