Slow cooker chicken question

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I'm wanting to do a slow cooker meal involving a couple of bags of those Lipton's side dish rice things with chicken as the protein. I was just wondering what kind of cooking time I would be looking at. I can't seem to find any recipes for slow cooker liptons side recipes.

If it helps, the stovetop recipe calls for heating all contents to a boil then reduce heat and simmer for 7 minutes. Could I maybe just add more water and up the time so the chicken can soak up more?
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Crock pot the chicken first, 30 minutes before serving add the bagged rice stuff and turn to high. cook until rice is done. I don't have any timing on the chicken...


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I agree with Mary.  Chicken first and rice in the last half hour or so of cooking.  I have been able to rice casseroles in the slow cooker but more times than not the rice ends up over cooked, mushy, and sticky and that is regular rice.  I think it would be even worse with the par boiled stuff that usually comes in these packaged "sides."  If you take that out of the equation you will find lots of chicken recipes for slow cookers.
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I would think that a few min prep (heat water and open package) plus 7 of cooking time would be pretty darn convenient without the addition of a crockpot.

There are some pretty good canned chicken products on the market.

Add opening the can/draining the water/broth to prep time and there you go.

Or buy chicken parts and pre saute and add back into the pan when you start the rice (when it comes to protein proportioned, pre seasoned and pre cooked are all available).

Uncomplicated, fast and easier cleanup.

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Speaking of the convenience sides...

I keep a pkg of Lipton chicken (flavored) noodles around.

I turn the flame off a couple of min early and cover.

The result is a texture very much like homemade egg noodles.

Just a bit of a tooth there and a guilty pleasure of mine as no one else will touch it lol.


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