Slow Cook Masa Harina

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There are several different ways of preparing masa harina.  I'm looking at preparing a slow cook version from an old Cuban recipe that calls for 2 1/2 hours of cooking a mixture of 1 3/4 cups masa with 8 cups of water along with a little seasoning.  This creates a very soft texture that sounds like it resembles a soft polenta.  

The dish calls for a layer of soft cooked masa, a layer of ground meat like picadillo (or a tamale filling), and topped with another layer of soft cooked masa.  The dish is cooled in the refrigerator and can be sliced and reheated.

Has anyone tried long cooking times like this for polenta, grits, or masa?  I assume the ground corn meal will continue to absorb moisture and get very soft and smooth.
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Never but I am willing to try.

Would you mind posting the recipe?


OBTW... welcome to Chef Talk, Eric!

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