Slip and Fall While On The Job

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I need some advice on who to deal with slips and falls. I was working and I went into the back kitchen where it was mopped (a little early) and I was walking toward a shelf and I reached for something on a self and I slipped but I caught myself but I slipped again and fell but I blacked out before I landed and I woke up rather quickly and notice a bruise on my leg, As the night went on I my wrist locked up and now I have headaches and I am just trying to get through these symptoms. I did not tell a manger as I was embarrassed and did not want to be fired. However, I am going to have to explain tomorrow and am nervous. Has anyone ever been through this? Any advice?
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You need to do 2 things as soon as possible:

Go to a medical facility and get checked out.

Report the on-the-job accident/injury to your employer.
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In case you need any more convincing, I strongly second BrianShaws' answer.  Get to the doctor immediately and then report it.

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