Slim legged chef pants (which 1?)

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Hello there

I'm a chef student from Copenhagen. When i buy my chefpants i get them from some shops. All of these shops have nice black chefpants and they really fit good around the whole body... BUT dosen't fit after the knee-cap and down after.

On the ancles/knees, they are too "wide".

I wanna know if u guys have some pants, where they fit like normal slim fit jeans or etc. Just not those big ones for the bottom of the pants, where they almost are swinging around :)

- Seb
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Skinny jeans are not something for the kitchen, it's not a fashion show. Put your skinny jeans on after work.
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I suggest you attend a mat måssa in copenhagen or malmö sponsored by one of the nordic broad line suppliers like martin olsen, or fastfood and cafe. You'll find several different clothing companies selling their wares and some will meet your wants. Even seagars brand has a line that will work for you, straight leg.
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"Whites" are made to be comfortable during a full shift.  They have room to breathe in a hot environment if you get my drift.
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i know "tight" work pants are bad in a hot kitchen, but i don't a pant where they are almost flying at the end/bottom.

just a really nice looking set of pants, i can work in and sitting perfect at my waist - all the way down to ancles. and dosen't get "baggy at the bottom.

i just brought the Dickies work pants 874. so now i will se. If they bad = return :D
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This may not be popular bit I just wear regular fitted black slacks. My shape is odd so these fit me best. I have a little waist and thick thighs which sounds like would be perfect for chef pants but the crotch is so low it's very uncomfortable when bending.

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