Sliced mushroom storage

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i always buy these 8oz sliced mushroom packs and never find the time to make the chicken marsalla so they start to get kind of old.

I would think for a marsalla where you saute the mushrooms and make a sauce that they could get a little brown without any very bad effect. Much different than a salad of course.

Anyway to prolong the life of this product, maybe a spritz with lemon juice?

I wonder if canned might be acceptable. Dont answer, I know, perish the thought.

Today I want to embark on eggplant parmesian but have the mushrooms getting old so I thought I might cook a dish of chicken marsalla and put it in the fridge just to use up the mushrooms. I dont think you loose too much flavor after the freeze?

I got eggplant at 33 cent each at a sale. Now I will go spend the other $25 for the sauce and cheeses to complete the dish.

Maybe this is one of those "just figure it out Einstein" types of questions? I find that more often than not when I review my endeavors with the group I do in fact glean valuable knowledge on one or more aspect of the plan.

Dont change.
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If your shrooms are aging, try sauteeing in a little butter till just soft, then cooling and freezing them in suitable size batches. It works for me.
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I freeze mine in air tight bags once they are sliced, never had a problem.(they also sell them frozen):laser:
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Don't pre-shredded cheeses have something tossed in with them to keep the pieces separate? (Think I remember reading it here once). I really don't like it, my teens don't either. (Hubby has no palate heh). We always buy a solid kg of cheese, then do what we need with it on the day.

Back on topic - sometimes the sliced 'shrooms can be had at a bargain price. That's when I'll buy them if using in something saucy on the day. I agree, whole is better.
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