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I use a couple of sitram at work. They are pretty good as long as you keep the flame under the pot. By this, I mean that the side are not as thick as one would like, but they are very nice and consistant. With that said once you use it a couple of times you will like them.

William Sonoma has a line that is simlar as the Sitram But I can't remember the name. Look for a stainless steel pots with a thick bottom.



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Anyone use Sitram pots and pans? I have heard some good things about them, and there is a sale on them right now at so I thought I might pick some up if it worth it.
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I have a Sitram pot and love it. Unlike Le Creuset, you don't have to avoid using metal utensils. Unlike Calphlon, it doesn't get nicks on the surface. I've never tried All-Clad, which may be the closest competitor to Sitram, so can't compare those two brands. The copper layer at the bottom of the Sitram holds heat well though.

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