Sister is trying to become a Pastry Chef. Need help! Thank you!!!!

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Hello all - I am out of my element here. My sister is attending Johnson & Wales in RI, hoping to become a Pastry Chef. I am so proud of her. Can someone tell me some basics she will need to at her house. She makes most of her stuff at school. For Christmas, I would like to get her some tools she would need. I don't want to get something she would not need or want. Thank you very much for your help!!!
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I am going to assume she will have all the basics required for school.  Do you know what kind of pastry chef your sister eventually wants to be - restaurant, bakery, wedding cakes, etc.?

Here are some general ideas -

A set of decorating tips.  She may have some of the basic round and star tips, but there are so many more available.

Cutters - She probably has the set of round and fluted cutters, but I have acquired several other sets over the years that I love to use - square, triangle and petit four cutters that are sets of smaller shapes.  These are all available on

Professional advanced pastry cookbooks 

Tartlet molds like this - 
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Thank you so much for your help. I think she is thinking bakery... I just bought the Tartlet molds. I also found out she had registered on Kohls for some pans and such. Bought some stuff there. Thanks again!
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i think Jellly's got a pretty good start, Id also suggest something that I really like to use in my bakery is the silicon material molds for cakes, biscuits, etc - really convenient getting nice looking cakes to turn out without sticking to the pan. this is the company I use here in china, you can look around and just get some ideas from here, this page if you scroll about half way youll see the red silicon molds im talking about:
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@ Kara, I have used this this of baking mold and it is really great too use. I will also recommend this also to your sister. :)
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