Sirloin top plate

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I recently picked up a full sirloin sub primal from my local wholesaler and removed the top plate for later use. This way I could have nice uniform sirloin steaks when I cut up the remaining chunk of meat rather than just cut through the top plate like most markets do and end up with a skinny chunk of semi-attached meat.

Now, being it's early winter and my Q is wrapped up for the winter in the shed out in the yard, what can I use this beautiful 6+ pound, 1.25" slab of sirloin meat for?

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Italian beef sandwiches! Season, slow roast to 135 then let it rest. Thin slice, pile on good italian rolls and dip in the juice. Serve a cup of juice on the side for more dipping.... french dips too. Also makes really good jerky.
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I love italian beef sandwiches.  Too bad Johnnie Beef's is so far from my house - hot, wet with cheese and onions.  Yum!

There are a lot of slow cooker Italian beef recipes on the net - great for this month's challenge.


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