Since you are new, your post has to be moderated?????

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Hello,  I have posted on these forums before but it has been a few months.  I just tried to post a topic in the Professional Chefs forum and it gave me the message, "Sine you are new, your post must be moderated".  And my post isn't anywhere, it doesn't appear in my profile, or in the forum.  I also had some minor problems selecting the typing area in both this topic and in the one that "Needed moderating".  I finally had to type my post in MS Word and copy it in to post.
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Should be in the clear after this.  Since your just now six posts in, the forums security is asking for a double check since you've been gone so long in between posts.
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I received that same message yesterday and I had posted just prior to clicking on submit.  Maybe a glitch.

On another subject, can anyone please tell me why the photo I uploaded appears in my profile but does not appear next to my name.  It says "no photo".  I uploaded it successfully or else it wouldn't be on your site - matter of fact, did it three times.  Tried copying and pasting the photo - I could see it after I

pasted the photo but when I clicked on submit, it wasn't shown.

I'm on my Mac using iPhoto.  I would think it's your end, given that the photo is on this site.  How do you contact technical assistance here?  I PM'd contact but no one responded.

Thanks in advance.
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I get that a lot, obviously because I am new. Unfortunately, I've noticed that some of my posts never show up. I'm following all of the forum rules.. somewhat frusterating.
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