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I'm curious to know what your opinions are on spicing your food with only table salt and black pepper, is it truly the best way to get the most flavour?
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I often only use only salt, but kosher salt, not iodized. Spices I'll use if I feel they are called for, but not default.


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If your food is of high quality and your technique is similarly excellent you can make SOME good food.  But not ALL good food and certainly not most of the BEST food can be properly seasoned with only those two ingredients. 
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No certain dishes require other  added herbs and spices. Different nationalities and ethnics require different flavors.
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I've always stayed the course with Larousse.

I agree that SEASONING  something refers to adding salt to a preparation to draw water, enhance the natural flavor or making it richer.

I also agree that FLAVORING something refers to adding things like, oregano, thyme, pepper, cinnamon, curry, basil, etc. to impart their flavor into a preparation. These type of seasonings should not be used singularly and should compliment each other in preparing a well designed dish.

So I feel that seasoning and flavoring are two different things. I personally think that a well developed preparation, most times, include both Seasoning and flavoring.

Just sayin
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