Simple Pleasures

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ice cold watermelon on a hot summer day....

and on a cold, rainy day... a hot bowl of chili, thick with beans and meat, w/ melting shredded cheddar cheese on top......

and a chunk of good dark chocolate.....
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"French food at its best shows the genius of the chef. Italian food at its best shows the genius of God"

Given the predominance of the french style in most chef's training, it is little wonder that we yearn for a little simplicity occasionally.

My little list:-
Countless simple, classic Italian dishes - especially those based around tomato, beans or bread.
Fresh baked bread with a little blue cheese in the dough
Bacon and Egg sandwich - soft white bread, thickly cut unsmoked back bacon, fresh egg, a hint of butter melting from the heat of the bacon and a smudge of HP sauce.
Gooseberry Fool on a hot summer day
Really good (not overly sweetened, chunky, laden with fruit) Seville Orange marmalade on toast
Grilled Pork Loin Chop with juniper butter

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