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I'm slowly working my way through the Breads from LaBrea book; mostly to use my starter. I did a baking marathon from Sunday morning to late Monday night. I made one batch of the pumpkin bread. YUM! No pumpkin/sweet potato taste at all but it's tasty, nutty and moist. Excellent crust. It made one of the best turkey sandwiches I've ever had. I also did a double batch of the Italian Ring Bread. I made one large ring loaf, 2 medium size cheese foccaccia and lots of breadsticks. I did a variety of breadsticks: caramelized onion, pesto and cheese. The pesto ones were apparently just ok. I used bottled pesto because I've only ever had homemade and wanted to see how bottled compares. It was yuck and I wanted to use up as much of it as I could. The cheese and caramelized onion sticks were great. I brought them to work and I didn't get much work done today because of all the emails praising the breadsticks and requests for the recipe. I may actually be able to give away some of my starter and not throw out so much!

I think I'll try the walnut and mushroom breads when I get back from Manila.


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Wow Risa that is quite a bread marathon.

I like the idea of pumpkin bread, I'll look into it.
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Stop her before she bakes again! :)

I love the Oooh, Ahhhh's I get at work. I am shameless:smiles:
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