Silpat vs Exopat??

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Does anyone have any first hand experience in using a Silpat and/or Exopat? I know that they are remarkably similar, I am wondering just how different they are before investing in a purchase. TIA
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Silpat is great to work with, have not used the other. Try to price out before you buy, you'd be suprised what some folks over charge.

The price should be between 15 and 30 dollars US.
Here is the page for Bigtray,!catid.14880.html
and the page for bridgekitchenware

I think this question is a matter of budget, both products look to be great ones.

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I've used silpat at the catering company to make little tart shells. It makes everything a lot easier. I wasn't able to discern a difference. Also, the shells popped out quite easily. To me, it saved a lot of steps. I think it's worth it.
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I've used them both and couldn't tell any difference. I think the Exopat is cheaper if I remember correctly.

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