silly waiters!

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So I was eating at this seafood restaurant, fairly decent quality...Our asian waiter comes up to us and says the usual gretting...and he says his accent... "Hi I am so and so and i will be your server for today..I been work here for two weeks....I am from Korea......SOUTH KOREA!!! not North Korea, don't be afraid...I am not a communist!"...maybe you had to be there but we got a kick out of it. He also messed up on our order a few times (language barriers)and also blamed every mistake on "so sorry, I only been here two weeks" So i ended up getting an extra really good flan....I was happy. Although he screwed up a lot we gave him a nice tip, He gave us some laughs. It was all good

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Funny, weird.
This is where war and politics brings us.
A few years ago I employed a Yugoslavian and an Albanian. Busboys. I never said a word. They never knew and got along fine. Scary though. Both had relatives involved and scared to death.
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I was in a kitchen in the 70's where we had a punk kid from the North End of Boston who wore a t shirt derogatory of the Ayotollah Khomeni to work and enraged the Palestinian dishwasher named Wajdi, who kept yelling "Ayotollah Khomeni is good!" We also had waiters named Loretta and The Diva and male cooks named Luciana and Maria, and a transexual who did prep that I got into a fistfight on the line with. She beat the snot out of me and as I stood shaking a frying pan and holding a wet pad on my swollen cheek, the boss came back in the kitchen, took the Te Amo Toro out of his mouth and asked, "What happened here? You girls have a tiff?" Fun place.
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Makes me glad I'm living in the midwest despite my very ethnic last name. Me jaded; you, cosmopolitan!
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So this couple go out to dinner at a very chic, expensive french restaurant. Their waiter happens to be a young Japanese man who is speaking very admirable french. The couple is astounded at such a find and at the end of the meal they call the Maitre 'D over to compliment the service.
Where on earth they asked, did you find a Japanese waiter that speaks fluent french? Shh... he whispered, he's only been in the states for a few months and he thinks we're teaching him english!:eek: :D
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Bighat, that sounds right out of Anthony Bourdain! Is that you?!

I had some adventures in the kitchens of Boston in the 80's, but nothing even CLOSE to that!

When I first started in NYC, I worked under a Sous who was a GIANT and also a big ol' queen. ;) While I liked to work with him somewhat, he would always ENRAGE me by coming up to me during a busy service, giving me a giant bear hug, lifting my scrawny 6' butt off the ground, shaking around, while planting kisses on my neck!
I would kick, sputter and hit, turning bright red, but he was way too big for me. Of course everyone else in the kitchen LOVED this. I would sulk home and plot fruitless revenge. The chef, who was my mentor, was in total kahoots, so there was nothing I could do except learn to be humble:rolleyes:

Later on, after both me and the sous were sent as CdeC's to two sister restaurants, he ended up getting busted for "alleged" sexual assault on a busboy. Last I heard, he was F&B manager for a very successful club. Funny business.
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