Silly Feet Cupcakes

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    Ive been lurking around this forum for a while and love it! I thought i would share a good idea with everyone. We used these Silly Feet silicone cupcake molds recently and really enjoyed them. My girls loved making some funny creations.

    They were such a hit with my girls I decided to use them for a birthday party. I actually got this idea from one of the reviews I read on Amazon for this product. I ordered 4 sets of these from Amazon (free shipping too!) and baked some cupcakes but left them plain. We used them as an activity for the party and had all the girls (15 of them!) decorate and create their own. When they were all done, they ate them up and got to keep the cups as party favors! I would post some pictures, but I dont have permission from the parents.

    I realize they are a bit pricey, but I have to say they were worth it! Not to much if you just think of it as a party expense. As cute as they are, I have to say one thing I really loved about them was the facct thay they have a fill line for the batter. They are pretty easy to clean too. We just put them in the dishwasher! They hold up very well.


    Just thought I would put that out there as an idea for the kids or a party. Here is the product, I think it is still available on Amazon.