Silicone-Tipped Tongs


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I have some silicone tipped tongs. I bought them to minimize scratching in my pans.

I hate them. They are far to slippery. Food slips right out of the grip.

I paid far less than $28, more like $7. $28 is too much for any set of tongs.
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$28 does sounds too much.

I don't cook professionally, only at home, but I do have a pair of tipped tongs. I like them, particularly for breaded items. For steaks, chops, etc...I'd rather use the normal tongs, as Phatch says, they get slippery, especially when there's oil involved and no coating on the food.

Not sure how they'd go in commercial cooking with the high temps involved - someone else may like to comment on that.

P.S. My tipped tongs were actually a novelty gift to my daughter from a friend on her birthday - but we tend to use them a bit. I didn't even know they were about until then :)

Learn something new every day.
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I've been looking everywhere. I can't find a pair of silicone-tipped tongs for less, with the scalloped tip. There are plenty of nylon tipped but I don't like to use nylon because of the health concerns
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Thanks for your reply. I'm a home cook too.

I was actually breading chicken cutlets last night and wishing I had a pair of tongs.

So I guess the metal tongs are the way to go
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Hmmmmmm? 28 bucks. That's about right for W-S---2 1/2-3 times what other folks charge.

Where else have you actually looked? Have you checked out Bed Bath & Beyond, for instance? Or even WalMart?
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To whom? For what purpose? To an ordinary mortal, cooking? No.

Don't buy expensive tongs. Don't buy locking tongs -- the lock only works when you don't want it to.

Don't buy coated tongs. If your cookware requires special tools use that half melted rubber spatula you refuse to replace because you love it. Otherwise the problem isn't the tools, it's the cookware.

If you think tongs with a non-stick coating work better for breading than other tongs, they don't. Anyway, tongs of any sort do not work as well as "clean hand, club hand."

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Yes, I have looked in both those places. BB&B has a silicone tong from OXO but it does not have a scallop shape. WalMart has a silicone tong from Farberware which also does not have a scallop shape.

I found the Rosle in a specialty store called That Kitchen Shop. I didn't get it at WS..I just used their link to show you what I was referring to
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You are saying exactly what I read in Alton Brown's book. He recommended some internet sources, one of which sold unlocking tongs for $2 :smokin

Thank you and thanks to everyone who helped me
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