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I have radio interviews coming up in a few days in Orlando, Cincinnati and Boston. If you are from that region please let me know what their "signature foods" are.
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Can't speak for the others, but in Cinccy the signature dish is their chili. It's a little sweeter than most, and is served on spaghetti.
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Ummm... yeah. It's the chili "three", "four", or "five" ways and...

it ain't fit to eat.

We tried it at the Skyline restaurant in downtown Cinci, said to be  the best place for this wierd dish, and  wouldn't go there again on a bet.

Pick out something else to typify Cinci,  or pick another city.

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Not sure if I'm sounding stupid, I don't really know many signature dishes from there, but what about lobster rolls, they're popular in Boston right? And for dessert, what about Boston cream pie? Make a creme patisserie, a good vanilla cake, and a chocolate ganache. Other than that can't really help much.
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While I personally tend to agree with you, that doesn't detract from whether or not it's the signature dish of that city.

Cincinattians think it's the greatest chili in the world (poor dears). And that's what counts.

This is one of those cases where your and my opinions don't enter the picture.
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I'm from the Tampa / St. Pete area and Orlando is a bit inland but in this area I would guess that grouper, particularly grouper sandwiches might be considered signature.  They are a lot tastier than Cinci Chili  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif     I made that at home once for my wife, who used to live there, wayyy to sugary for my taste.

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For Boston I'd say New England Clam Chowder.  Boston Creme Pie is great too, it was developed at the Omni Hotel remarkably and they serve it best.  Call them for a great recipe.

Cincinnati chili isn't so bad but who am I to say?  It was developed by greeks after all and I do like the cinammon they put in it.  Good for a hot dog, not so much for spaghetti though.
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Real chili is usually associated with the Western United States.

Did you know Cincinnati was once known as the Queen City of the West?

That still doesn't excuse their chili.

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In Wisconsin the first thing that comes to mind is bratwurst.  If you're including drinks then perhaps the brandy old fashion.
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 "In Wisconsin the first thing that comes to mind is bratwurst. "

That is probably true.


If you're in range of Elburn, Illinois (a very small town about 45 miles due west of  Chicago) you need to visit bratwurst Nirvana at Randy Ream's Elburn Market. It's a small, family business run by a second-generation owner who is a sausage genius. There is no more room on the walls of his retail store for any additional framed awards for sausages, mostly bratwurst.

I'm headed out there next week to pick up 900 brats and 900 frankfurters (all pre-cooked and frozen) for my Rotary Club's summer season of fund-raising hot-dog stands.

A couple years ago we were in Sheboygan, WI, and of course we had to have the hotel's bratwurst special.

Sorry - not anywhere as good as Randy's.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/rolleyes.gif

If it weren't a 100-mile round trip from our place, we'd be there every couple of weeks for sausage supplies.

Unfortunately, I don't think he FedExes sausages (he makes thirty or forty varities, all outstanding) but I'll ask when I'm there next week., and if he does, I'll let you know.


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