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Good afternoon all,

Has anyone got much hands on experience with the 'Shun Reserve 8 in. (200mm) Chef Knife' at all?
All the reviews I've read are generally very positive, but seemingly to be from those not really in the industry.. The spec's read very well for a knife in this particular price range as you would expect, and I have owned a few other Shun's in the past which were all a pleasure to work with day in, day out, although not not quite this flash.

It does look like some serious visual eye candy (well, I like it anyway) and spec wise read's like it would be equally good to use (obviously, with the normal good care a chef treats his tools with).
If anyone can offer some personal experiences on this specific knife, it would be appreciated.

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Not really my kind of knife.  A little too heavy, too much belly and it's too tall.  The steel is excellent but the price is not competitive.  The suminigashi cladding drags when cutting through food.  You could do worse but for the money you could do much much better.
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I haven't used the reserve series, but have tried the classic line and have a few of the elite and premier series..
They're great for a cook with a lot of money. You certainly can use them on the line. but you're right, they are not marketed for professionals. they're marketed towards home cooks with huge disposable incomes. They ARE a very good knife, I've got a few in the premier and elite series. But there are FAR better knives for the same or cheaper. Fortunately mine were either gifts, raffle prizes or samples.

If you get a good sale on one  or get a good deal on a used one, I'd use it occasionally. It wouldn't be my everyday knife at home and not be my everyday work knife, but I use my premiers and elites it in the mix at home as the mood hits. If you've already bought it, I'd keep it and I'd use it.  It's a very good knife, just not a very good value for the dollar.

Alan Rick mentioned a few in another post that I'm probably add to my collection. They're probably better values than this one. I think you can look up posts by the author.

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