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try it out, works well with many cuts

1-8 oz steak
1 tsp honey
1/2 cup dark brewed coffee
1/4 cup (or less to yer liking) heavy cream
2 oz baileys irish cream :p
1/4 cup shallots
let yer steak swim in this a couple of hours and grill it.
it may sound weird but you have no idea! :rolleyes:
dont knock it till ya try it!
p.s. a little star anise doesn't hurt either

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I used to make cocktails with the majority of your ingrediants....????Think someone may have had a few too many and dropped a steak in his drink? Pretty interesting combo. What would your sides be?
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Some real heatry potato bread and mixed greens with some sweet vinaigrette and roasted pistachios or cashews, or potatoes gratin w/ truffle oil? hadn't given it much thought I suppose

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