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I've been asked to cook a multicourse shroom meal with the mycological society getting first dibs on seats....the set up is a basement wine room that seats 50....the kitchen will be jamming on a Friday night so I'll be plating in the basement prep and dessert stove but a dbl convection (industrial) oven.
Assorted butane stoves can heat the soup. and veg.

mushroom caps with morel duxelle
puff twist with porcini
apple with shroom pate

butternut squash soup with sauteed hen of the woods (maitake)

baby greens with morbier and a drizzle of truffle honey

Cannolini with veal and black trumpets (cream sauce)
green veg

poached pear with caramel sauce

choc. truffles

Any of you ever done a shroom meal? Wanna post your menus?
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Hey, what about dessert?? Paul Connors, now a pastry chef in Minneapolis, did a demo of something -- maybe a gelato? -- made with Candy-Cap Mushrooms. The recipe was supposed to be posted here, but it's not there yet. Maybe you can contact him or Steve Klc.

Otherwise, YUM!!!


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When it comes to mushroom recipes, I'm pretty sure you have them all but on the off chance you don't ;) I thought I'd share this mushroom terrine I read about. I can't recall the source of it. I'm quite sure it was in a book review but that's all I can recall.

The mushrooms for the terrine were all cook separately, about four to six different types were used. All were seasonned with salt, papper and garlic. Dissolve gelatine in vegetable stock. Pour a thin coat in a plastic wrapped terrine mould and let it set. Layer your mushrooms, like you would lay tiles for a mosaic, in an attractive pattern, adding a layer of aspic every few layers. Once all the mushrooms are in, cover them with the leftover stock and gelatine mixture. Let it rest in the fridge until set.
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Hmmm...every year, when the mushroom season is coming, my mouth starts watering and I plan my Shroom Dinners :)
Since we are members of a very exclusive club of shroom lovers, I usually prepare a couple of things and the other guests come to our home, like the Three Wise Men, bringing pots full of delices ;)
We usually choose the tradition and this is my "average" menu:

A raw shroom dish as a starter, something like a Carpaccio with raw Ovoli and leaves of Parmigiano, seasoned with a citronnette or a balsamic vinaigrette

Tagliatelle or risotto with fresh Porcini, otherwise a Fonduta alla Valdostana covered with thin Porcini slices

Fried Porcini (previously dipped in egg and coated with maize flour or breadcrumbs like a Cotoletta alla Milanese)

If we are still alive, a roasted meat or Scaloppine with stewed Chanterelles

After that, the lightest dessert I can find...

I would also like to serve sometimes a fish/shroom dish, but unluckily one of the members of our club is allergic to fish, so this cannot be an option for us :(

In any case, my favourites would be a baked swordfish Carpaccio with Porcini and aromatic herbs (my own recipe) or an Octopus and Porcini stew (traditional)

I must also tell you, Shroomgirl, that you're a sadistic woman since here in Italy the season in is over now, and I must wait at least 8 months to have fresh shrooms again :cry:


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