Shroomgirl's market makes the St. Louis paper

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Pretty good ink, as they say in the biz.

Julie's generosity reflects the sensual and earthy bounty of the market she's helped found: The Clayton Farmers' Market. Here, it's the simple pleasures that count: locally and organically raised fruits and veggies; freshly baked breads; and dairy and meat products from free-range animals.

She did mention this in a post, I discover after searching, but without the link I bet most of you never saw it.

Good work, shroomgirl.
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Thank you so much for this link..I did miss it!!!

Shroom,fantastic article...I can picture the whole thing in my mind...your round glasses,denim jumper and straw hat :)

Great press!!
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Thank was pretty accurate. It's always a crap shoot with the press, you never know if there is a hidden agenda until a piece comes out twisted. Pam did her homework and visited the market spending a couple of hours soaking in the ambiance. It is reflected in the story.
I've been writing Joan Gussow about St. Louis's sustainable connections and the work ST Louis University Dieticians are doing with local organic products. There is an art to writing and I appreciate it more when I see a concise, well written piece.

Thanks again for the thread:)


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The article makes you wish you were there. Suddenly I have an urge to visit your market Shroom. Congratulations Julie!!
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19 more to go...Joan Gussow will be on the market Aug 10th,
Judy Rodgers from Zuni Cafe will be Oct 12, Deborah Madison should be this summer also.
Tomato fest Aug 17. Market bags being developed as we speak.
Come see me, I'd love to show you around.

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