Shrimp Prices

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Fellow Chefs-

I get "Seafood Business" every 2 months, it helps with info on availability of different types of seafood, as well as market prices etc.
I recently read that the US Dept. of International Trading and Commerce may put a tariff on shrimp starting Aug 23, 2004. Has anyone read about this?
It's due to "dumping" by several countries such as Indonesia, Bangladash and 3 other ones that I don't remember off the top of my head.
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Somewhere I read that what accouts for the lower prices of offshore shrimp is that they're freshwater raised. This "fact" has American shrimpers fuming
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In late November, I bought 2000 lbs. of shrimp when the price took a huge drop. I figured they would not go any lower during the holidays. Surprise, surprise, prices dropped another .10 per pound. I can remember shrimp being as cheap as it is.
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