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A new market upened here recently and they run a lot of great specials. Yesterday I purchased some 4-6 count giant shrimp from Thailand. I feel sure they were previously frozen, they were headed and deveined, and passed the smell test. They look more like small lobster tails than jumbo shrimp. While I won't have a problem coming up with some way to fix them (suggestions welcome), I do have some shrimp questions.

We have a wonderful source for shrimp in season, and I usually get a call from a local shrimper when he scores some of the jumbo white shrimp. I have a pretty good supply in my freezer right now that are 9-12 count shrimp. I head them and freeze them in water.

A fair numbert of recipes I have seen lately use head-on shrimp. Can you, or should you, freeze really fresh shrimp with the head on? The Gulf shrimpers flash freeze a lot of their catch today, and they are excellent quality. They are always headed. I am aware that when buying fresh shrimp that the head is one of the surest way to determine if shrimp is really fresh. I don't recall ever seeing head on shrimp frozen that are sold commercially.

While I have had head-on shrimp at some fine dining restaurants, is it always fresh shrimp? Just curious.
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Having grown up near the seas, I always like fresh shrimps and prawns and lobsters/crayfish. I can eat them 365/24/7. But this is just me...In my experience, fresh seafood e.g., shrimps has to have its head on and not chopped off. The heads are good for making seafood broth too. If I buy a bag or kilo/lb of shrimps/prawns in the supermarket, I look for those that still have their veins at the back.

:peace:Love shellfish!!!
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Why would you want the "vein" to be in the shrimp? It's the critter's digestive tract, which I make sure to remove before cooking. I don't see why that would make for a better shrimp.

Am I missing something?:confused:
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I had been taught that those that do not have their veins behind their backs isn't the fresh anymore. We grew up having shrimps and prawns and lobsters/crayfrish that are still "moving" so to speak...not those ones that were already dead and frozen. They are still jumping up and down when the shellfish reached home. What could be more fresher? It is easy to remove the digestive tracts after they are taken home.

.I guess different strokes for different folks...
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