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we are adding a shrimp po boy to our menu .our resturaunt is very small and everyone does double duty i.e. ,i am a bartender who also does the baking and develops new menu items. this is all new to me i,ve never done a lot of cooking .i could use some suggestion for batter.and a sauce.right now we use a tartar sauce w cilantro parsley and jalepenos. any help would be great
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i love jalapano tartar sauce, although im not sure about the cilantro, i would have to try that. for a good old fashioned po boy you need a good soft french bread,,,, fine shred iceburg lettuce, thin tomato slices and butter...... cut your french bread and toast it till good and brown on your griddle with butter. for your batter i use a mix of one third of each flour corn flour and corn meal. in my egg wash i add a good bit of tabasco method is flour,,,,egg wash,,,,, batter fryer, i use zatarans seasoning when the seafood is cooked(this is really the only cajun seasoning on the market that i like) i cant stand tonys- too salty. build and eat------ my personal preference is to dress a poboy (especialy oyster) with good hot cocktail sauce athough most use catsup.
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Try a cornflour & cold water batter & add finley chopped chillis & or herbs too. This gives a really light tempura styled batter.

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