Shredded Hard Boiled Egg

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The cobb salad at Cheesecake Factory has shredded hard boiled egg. It adds a really nice texture to the salad.

I tried this at home using both a grater and a food processor, but in both cases, the egg would just clump together.

Any thoughts on what they might be doing to keep this from happening?
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Just grate into a bowl and fluff with a fork or your fingers. The best way is to chill the eggs and then shred. Other than that, there's no real secret. :)

But, if using a grater is not helping, just chop with a knife until you reach the desired size and fluff with your fingers or a fork.
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FDE77850-F2E7-412E-A300-915FB7F5ECB3.jpeg Another idea that I have success with it, at least with the yoke it to grav it in a salt/sugar mix. I separate the egg and bury it in the mixture, takes 3 to 4 days to finish. You then can do them on a micro plane. Nice flavor, unique texture and presentation. I currently serve it with a raw lamb loin appetizer.

The bright yellow flakes are the egg yoke.
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