Should it be pitched?

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How long can a vacuum packed pork loin sit out at room temp before it is unsafe? Hubby took it down to put in the frig and got sidetracked. It was several hours before we noticed it.
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Throw it away, Bacteria doubles for every 20 minunte in the danger zone 41*- 140*. Is it really worth the chance any way? What did it cost $20, $50 even, not worth the possible problems.
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I just read fodiggers reply in the "pro's only thread" and it promted me to look for this thread.
I had not seen this one.

I agree that it should be tossed, as fodigger correctly pointed out your product was in the "danger zone" to long and could have started to develope bacteria.

I can't stress enough the importance of getting certified in applied food service sanitation and being up to date with HACCP.

You can call your local city health inspecter to find out where and when serve safe classes are being held.
Most states now mandate that employees get this certification.

The fear of tricanosius (sp) with pork really isn't an issue anymore,but certainly semalella and stapf and other food borne pathigens can forum extremly rapidly
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Your getting great advise from cape chef and fodigger.

There's one thing for sure.....I know what it cost me to throw it out,and who knows what it costs to serve it.

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Definately throw it out! I dont mess around with meat that's been left out. I always follow the saying : If in doubt...throw it out. Id rather lose the 20 or 50 bux I spent on the product than pay a doc thousands to save my butt.

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And by disposing of questionable meat, customer retention is enhanced, integrity preserved.
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I took the course Tues at St. Lukes....There are a ton set up in town....without cracking a book I gotta 93!!! Every five years is required, I'm going to send my 20 year old son to take it ($109) so when he is picking up work in food service he'll know what's what.
Are you still working at the hotel? I would be surprised if they didn't have training available.

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