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Hello everyone!

I have a diploma in hospitality and commerical cookery, and am currently working in a well renowned 5 star hotel; Ritz Carlton.

My position is commis 2 and its been 1 year now. I have learnt an immense amount of techniques, working under a lot of pressure and work with some of the best chefs. I've been blessed to be given this opportunity to work in one of the best branded hotel in the world. This opportunity has invited many more offers some even not requiring an interview for the job because of my experience here.

Although i have concerns on whether i should study more as the diploma was a short course (6 months) but was taught ALL the basics.

Should i look into pursuing a degree? Or am i better off getting the amount of experience in the same time period as i would working?

My future goals is to do something of my own but thats a long term goal.
As for my short term goals is to gain much foreign experience as i can.

My total work experience has been 2 years ( worked in a steak bar ) prior to my current job.

I am 20 years old so this is the time i need to make some good decisions!



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Personally, it sounds like you are in a good position so I wouldn't go back to school.  Use your contacts at the Ritz to move on to other places and get some more experience in top restaurants.  In the long run I think it will do better for you.
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@Aamir Hashmi,

       It's good to see someone of your age being concerned about making career decisions. Like Pete, I'll just give a personal opinion. Take it with a grain of salt.

      I'm not confident that 6 months of education has provided All the basics. This field is becoming just like all other professions. It seems to be more rewarding to narrow the general playing field and maybe head towards a few things you might want to specialize in. This way you can evaluate where you are and decide if you might need some extra education. You mentioned that your long term goals are to have your own business. I personally would suggest you get all of your schooling now. Whether it be business management geared to this field or schooling directed towards your goal. Maybe gaining knowledge in some specialized type of cuisine or even a part time internship. 

     Once inbedded into your career and you start to gain more responsibilities it becomes quite hard to stop and return to school to pick up  something you need to advance.

I have found that a combining a business degree with a culinary degree has helped in all aspects of this field. If you do some homework on Culinarians who are really successful you will usually find that not only are they adept in their specialized cuisine but also have an understanding

of the business aspect of it. This just makes it easy for someone to invest in you and compensate you for your hard work. Now a days, you really have to have the numbers to support your business decisions.

Ok, enough preaching.

Best Wishes in any endeavor you choose,
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You can never get too much education.  Even grammar and spelling are important.  As you move higher in an organization the lack of formal education may hold you back.  Many two year certificate holders from culinary schools are line cooks for life.  Join the ACF and continue to learn.  Panini is right on with this reply.  Good luck and remember good things take time.
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Wow you gave me so many points to think about. Thank you.

And i agree with everything you said, ill be looking into courses. Also its true when i get older it would be a lot harder for me to return to studying.

Its time to start doing some research on programs that are being offred.

Thanks a lot again for your great reply!
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