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Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by jacob456, Apr 18, 2011.

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    Hi, everyone. I am new to this site and happy to have come across it. Thanks to all who make it a success. Myself and my partner is interested in purchasing or leasing a food truck, however, we want to find out all the pros and cons of having one. I am familiar with the environmental health requirements here in GA.  Is there anyone out there who are currently operating one now or has in the past that can give me some information about unknown cost and other unforseen issues one should know before making an investment in a food truck and this type of business.  I currently operate at festivals and events using a tent, however, I am now catering to salons, barber shops and small business on Saturdays. I have a location that currently has an average of 1500 cars thats been serviced by a friend of mine who sells alcohol and beverages. He has given me the ok to setup their if I like.  Should I look at purchasing a concession trailer or should I continue to stick with a food truck. I think food truck will offer me more mobility and convience. Can someone please help me out.  And if anyone know of someone who is selling their truck please let me know. Thanks alot.
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    Better check with the local town/city you want to set up in. A couple of folks from another site that are from GA have mobile units and mostly do fairs/festivals because of GA not being food cart friendly.