Should i leave this restaurant?

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Im working a job where i have to run prep fryer and grill and help out the saute so in a kitchen that gets 200+ a night and theres only 2 in the kitchen ive been yelled at stuff thrown food pans ... Owner got in my face and screams at me should i just take off and find a new place its not just like get better at what your doing its u suck your runing my restraunt what cant u handle 5 tables of 20 ..... What should i do

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Oh i once worked in a place really similiar. 

Except there was no one from management screaming or throwing things at me. 

I worked at a place that used to put out 150+ everyday in 2 cooks, and when one cook was MIA the other had to just pull through.

It was terrible, i wasn´t putting out quality food and i was over worked. 

Maybe if the kitchen was well equipped and bigger i would have been fine, but it was a bad kitchen, with little to no equipment, and no space. So yeah it was a no brainer, i quit, and went to work elsewhere, a place where i could work, learn, progress and a place that was organized. 

Can i put 150+ plates a night?? Yes i can. Can i do it in a bad environment?? Nope. 

So in my opinion you should maybe look for a new job, especially if the conditions are not good. If its affecting the quality of your food, and affecting you negatively on the emotional side as well, then i think its best to move on. 

You can´t expect to give it your all working like a maniac in a do or die situation with no control. Especially in 2 people putting out 200+ food a day in poor conditions. 

Of course there are many factors that involve in making a decision so think wisely and assess yourself and your choices. 
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You should think about the pros and cons of leaving this place and infer.

As for my opinion...

We cooks are masochist, we take all sorts of shit. But you shouldn't work in a place that your heart isn't in. It makes the labor tedious and dreadful.

Hope you find a good outcome to your situation.
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Sounds like the owner needs to quit or get some leadership training.  It's clear to me the front of he house is poorly managed. Adjustments like staggered seating needs to occur. Kitchen melt down isn't good for business. Unfortunately, this kind of "I'm the owner", fear management behavior rarely changes. I agree with Chefwriter, time to move on.

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