Should I invest in a commercial-grade meat injector?



Hi, Steven -- I signed up just so I could ask this one question; are meat injectors really effective when it comes to making more flavorful marinated meat? If so, should I get a nickel-plated injector like they use in commercial kitchens, or is something cheaper just as good? Thanks!

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Good morning, "Chefchezmois". That is one formidable-looking injector you are considering.  You don't say what it costs, but it looks pricy. I personally have never owned a commercial-grade injector in my barbecuing life.  Injecting is a great way to deliver moisture and flavor to the heart of the meat. But it is a technique I employ only occasionally. Turkey, pork butt/shoulder, fresh hams, and beef shoulder clod are examples of proteins that can benefit. The injector in my batterie de cuisine retails for $9.99, and is from my own Best of Barbecue line at It has a clog-resistant needle, an important feature when an injection liquid contains ground herbs and/or spices. 
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