should I get a culinary arts certificate or should i get an associates degree in culinary arts?

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I wish to study culinary arts. I am in my first year of college but i discovered that my true passion is cooking. I would like to know from a chef if its worth getting an associates or can i do the same things with an institute diploma?
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Welcome to Cheftalk.
Off hand I'd say if culinary is your focus, and you aspire to
work in the industry soon, then go with whoevers gonna
give you the best training. Dependent on cirriculum, time spent
and certainly on the instructor(s).
Do your research!
Also, many threads on this subject in here.
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Sadly, I live in Puerto Rico. So there aren't really any cullinary schools they are mostly institues and they really only offer one year. I was thinking about moving back to Florida, but education is so cheap here that its not worth moving back to the states until i finish. But thanks for your advice.
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