Should I buy a used or new flat griddle?

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Hi there I am opening a hot dog joint where we will also sell hamburgers and I am trying to decide whether I should buy a new or used flat griddle. I spoke with a salesman at an equipment store and he told me if I buy a used grill it can be trouble if it has many scratches and deep nicks. He told me the food will not cook as well and also will get a different test. The problem is when I went to look at used grills they mostly all have scratches and nicks all over the surface. Can someone help me out and let me know if what the salesman said has any merit?

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Welcome to cheftalk. Your salesman is correct. A griddle should have a smooth surface without nicks or scratches. What type and size flattop are you looking for? They range in price from a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars. If your going gas make sure the equipment is set up for the type of gas your using LP or NG. Here is a website for you to check: Call them for a final price. Shopping for restaurant equipment is like shopping for a car. Beware and good luck.
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Honestly, griddles are normally not too expensive- especially compared to other kitchen equipment. Depending on the size, prices can be as low as £250-£300 and a good griddle can save you money in the long term. I bought a Lincat griddle and it has a 2 year warranty so I've got peace of mind incase anything goes wrong. I ordered mine online from stephensons but I'm sure they are available at a similar price elsewhere too. If an old one is much cheaper then it could be worth the risk, but I'd get a new one personally.

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