Shortcake vs Torte

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A close friend of my mine just celebrated her 40th birthday last week and I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She asked me to make her a strawberry shortcake. I'm not much of a baker, but I took on the challenge. She happens to work up at my local watering hole. I tossed the first batch but thought the next turned out good. When I brought her the final product she started laughing and said what is this? Strawberry short biscuits? Uugh I felt completely embarrassed but I proclaimed this is what a shortcake is. Ended up teashing all of it and bought a strawberry torte cake yesterday for her. If she would have asked for a torte this problem could have been averted. I still can't believe no one knew what a shortcake was.
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I understand totally. Many people think those yellow sponge cakes that come 4 to a package are shortcakes.

There are people who prefer baking powder biscuits that you roll and cut, while others might prefer the spoon bread kind.

Those store bought products are for those who don't or can't bake.

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