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Hi guys,

I'm an apprentice and I've just changed from a chain hotel restaurant to a much smaller local place. My problem/task at the moment is to get myself some cooks pants, as the hotel supplied me with everything. Just wondering what tips and tricks there are in regard to choosing a good set of pants and if there is anything in particular that I should look out for.

Thanks in advance

(I realise that this question has probably been asked a million time on here, but the search function didn't turn up anything useful)
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I agree, hoppy chef is a great site though i do with they would ship to Canada eh!.
Be careful ordering from Amazon, the sizes can be really small, i recently ordered a couple of pairs of large pants (i usually wear medium) from China and I couldn't get them over my knees, my 98 pound prep cook loves them.
Best piece of advise is keep your receipts and claim them as work expenses on your tax return
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Really any brand of chef pant should work for you. I would stay away from the more "decorative" styles, like the chili peppers, etc. Solid color or chalk/pin striped are probably OK. Can never go wrong with black or khaki colored pants.

You don't say if you are a guy or a girl, so obviously different styles might fit differently. Dickies are a good, reliable and relatively inexpensive option for work pants, I have known lots of cooks and chefs that wear them.

I don't care too much for Chefwear brand clothes, their quality has really taken a hit the last few years. IMO they used to be the best, but not not even close.

Chefworks is pretty good...a bit overpriced but they have a good range of styles.


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Hi, newbie here.
I've just purchased some Mercer Culinary jackets (they have pants also) from Amazon.
Had them on the "wish list" & the price dropped (one day only) to $5.89 - keep an eye open

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